Wednesday, 25 May 2011

My Mask

*Please note, lots of writing if you have not got time the pictures are still pretty good*

Masks! I love masks, they all have an air of mystery don't they? One of my favourite creations would have to be my airsoft mask, I was 14 when I made this and it has been a continuous project throughout my life.
I first thought up the design in a tedious science lesson in secondary school, it started with me doodling some faces and then seeing if I could make them 3D by cutting up my science homework and sticking it together. 
At the time I was very interested in airsoft and decided to make a mask for it, my dad and I put together an aluminium version of my makeshift, homework mask. 
Here's the mask fully welded together, looking a lot better and fully beaten into shape. Beating it into shape was probably the longest process out of the whole project, I spent a good week hammering this mask into shape. 
A week because I had to make both sides identical for them to be welded. The hammering eventually kept my family awake most nights so my father stepped in and helped me. A lot. Without him I think this would have taken me another week...
This is the mask after I gave it's first lick of paint (acrylic), put in the regulation mesh (which I stole a sieve, sorry mum). 
I took it out to an airsoft match with a few mates. I was terrible on this game and got lit up like a Christmas tree, this left a lot of dents (not to mention a mate of mine thought it'd be 'funny' to see if it could take a shot from a 650 fps [third the power of a shotgun] revolver at point blank).
So I modded my comical, smiley mask to a slightly more sinister appeal. This is the most recent design which a friend dubbed 'Sack Head'. Although I do not go to airsoft events anymore, the mask has always been a pleasant reminder of my childhood.
And scared the shit out of my girlfriend.

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